BARLA playing season questionnaire

Following the end of the four season consultation period and its subsequent findings and press releases issued by the Community Board on the season structure, BARLA have issued the results of their own survey which ran parallel with the Vision TwentyOne survey carried out on behalf of the Community Board.

The BARLA survey which was distributed to all full members and associate members of the association carrying a simple request which read;

“To coincide with the RFL’s consultation on the change of playing season BARLA are issuing a straightforward, simplistic, questionnaire in an effort to determine the Association’s feeling of this subject from all players, coaches and club administrators within the amateur game.

What BARLA are asking is; does your club want to change their playing season?

Open age:

Youth 16’s to 18’s:

Juniors 12’s to 15’s

Juniors 8’s to 12’s

Could you please return any comments/suggestions before 30th June 2010”

Following the completion of this survey - which potentially reached every playing league, club and team within the British Amateur Rugby League Association - BARLA can now reveal the figures of the results which were presented at the Community Board meeting on Thursday 1st July 2010.

No change 100%

No change 81.5%
Change 18.5%

These figures carry an overwhelming mandate by the playing leagues to carry on playing in their traditional winter season; they also give a very clear indication by the clubs that they also wish to remain in their present season.

BARLA have gone on record as saying they will not be dismissing any initiatives out of sight and will be working closely with the RFL to find the best possible way forward for the sport, this position has not changed. However BARLA have made clear that their intention is to work to the interests and wishes of their members and the RFL are fully aware of this.

The association wishes to make it clear that any league or club who choose to remain playing as they are will receive the full support of The British Amateur Rugby League Association.

The BARLA was pleased to note that the RFL Community Board have committed that any league or club who choose to remain playing as they currently are will receive the full support of the Community Board.

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